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Avr 16

new icon time?

new icon time.

You know you’re a survivor when


you’re nervous about even calling it abuse for fear you’re the one overreacting, that you really deserved all those awful words hurled at you.

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Anonyme a demandé: What's your major in college?



ahahahahah this is the most half-assed ending ever but THANK GOD I’M DONE WITH ACT 3 AWWWW YISSS

61 pages later ahaha

if i can get at least 20-30 more pages in act 2 done by the end of next week i’ll be set


To people who followed me for one specific fandom, I am so so sorry

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you will never know the true pain of autocorrect until you try to type the names of pokemon


Only the cool kids will get it.


Only the cool kids will get it.

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omfg i have like a billion more scenes to write until act 3 of my screenplay is done i’m gonna go do some of that now

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Beautiful and majestic. Also it almost makes sense. What songs were they though?
A very interesting mix of songs, actually.
1. Halo by Beyoncé
2. Empty Walls by Serj Tankian
3. Special from Avenue Q
4. Easy As Life from Aida
5. Morning Person from Shrek: The Musical



What do people even talk about on dates


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Remember those walls I built?
Your empty walls…
I can make you feel special
This is the moment when the gods expect me to beg for help
Good morning birds, good morning trees

the art?
I DON’T KNOW WHAT ELSE TO CALL IT OKAY. (it can be an art form…I guess…?)
RIIIIIGHT?!? I’m still not quite over the shock yet. But we’ll see when the programming director contacts me!! Being a nerd pays off. >w<

teatheory a demandé: •3• !

I’ve been cheated by you since I don’t know when
Kidnap Mister Sandy Claws?
Am I going insane?
When dreaming, I’m guided to another world
I am the antidote


Send me a •3• and I will put my playlist on shuffle, write down the first line of five songs and give it to you as a poem.

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